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By Anja van den Berg

Proving your productivity when you’re working remotely can be tricky. However, there are ways that you can make yourself and your accomplishments more visible to your manager, even when you’re not in the same building.

Elizabeth Grace Saunders says that you can take concrete steps to increase your odds of professional thriving during this tumultuous time.

Saunders is the author of How to Invest Your Time Like Money and Divine Time Management. Below are her suggestions to demonstrate your value while working remotely.

  1. Keep your outputs on record.

Keeping your outputs on record allows you to show a quantitative value for the hours you spend working. Keeping a log of accomplishments (or creating a portfolio) will highlight transferable, stable skills. This step can be essential if you suspect any level of unfairness. Moreover, you will also be able to demonstrate your worth as a remote worker to any future employers. Put a system in place for keeping track of your tasks and tick them off, even if your schedule is modified because you have other responsibilities at home.

  1. Share your accomplishments at appropriate times.

Saunders says that, if you have accomplished something significant, share it. “This is not bragging but simply informing others about how, even though they might not see you working, you’re getting great things accomplished.” Appropriate sharing gives you increased visibility across the organisation as colleagues understand the role that you fill and the value you add. You could highlight a few of your triumphs with your boss each week or speak up in a meeting to share with your team.  Another option is giving a presentation on some best practices that could help other colleagues in a similar role. Focus on not only what you did but how it produced concrete results for your business.

  1. Streamline reports to your manager.

Pay attention to little things that can help reduce the pressure on your manager. If you come across as organised and prepared, your supervisor will be much less prone to worry about whether you’ll deliver and if you’re on top of your work. Submit your work early, so your manager has extra time to review it before a meeting. Ensure that you are beyond prepared for one-on-one sessions to facilitate short and productive meetings. If you have the capacity, offer to help with assignments or take work entirely from your manager’s plate.

Saunders says that there was a grace period in March and part of April as individuals were adjusting to working from home. “Managers were more forgiving if there was a dip in productivity or missteps here and there. But now that it’s been multiple months of remote work, higher standards of output are returning.” Make sure that you follow suit – and prove your worth in the process.



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