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By Essie Bester

Time is one of the most valuable resources in the world of work. For this reason, its proper management is a key element for success, regardless of who you are or what you do. However, too few businesspeople consider time as one of their most important resources and in the average workplace little is done to make much better use of everyone’s most limited asset.

Time management in the workplace is and remains a major challenge. With e-mails, meetings, deadlines, demands, requests and distractions the list of things you need to manage can easily become overwhelming. And, experiencing pressure because you have are running out of time, especially if you have a whole lot of tasks to complete, can cause a great deal of stress and can cause things to go awfully wrong in your business.

Good time management for your business involves:

  • Prioritising important tasks
  • The allocation of time to complete the tasks
  • The will to commit yourself to the completion of those tasks within the allocated timeframe.

It is true that successful people can pay attention to many tasks at once. But they see to it that the spend most of their time on important tasks that contribute much more to the success of their business rather than devoting time to unimportant tasks.

Time management skills can help you work smart instead of just working hard as long as you realise what it takes. A clear picture of how important time management is for your business will motivate you to change the ways in which you work.

  1. You achieve more in less time

The main reason why your business can benefit from your time management skills is the fact that time is a limited resource. After all, a day only has 24 hours in it and that is the time each of us has at our disposal.

Effective time management will allow you to achieve more in less time. Instead of focusing on less important tasks which you can delegate it will show you how to focus on things such as important business meetings and marketing presentations – a focus that can lead to a higher level of productivity for your business.

  1. Better decision making

Most of the time, your business requires you to prioritise your tasks according to importance – something that can be easily achieved thanks to good time management skills. It will relieve any work-related stress and will allow you to think clearly while focussing much more efficiently on the tasks that need to be completed.

With good time management you can develop better ideas, make wiser decisions and find solutions quicker for any stumbling blocks in your business.

  1. More time to expand your business

Good time management gives you more time to learn new things, to explore new ideas and to focus more on the future – all of it to help expand your business.

  1. Relieving stress

A day without unpleasant surprises, looming deadlines while time is limited and the one task after the other that has to be rushed off, can be tackled with far more peace of mind – something that can only be achieved if you learn to manage time properly in your business. This will improve your ability to meet looming deadlines while staying calm and in control of things.

Being constantly busy for the sake of feeling that you are achieving something while still not being able to complete the essential tasks in good time will impair your mental health and your decision making skills will deteriorate.

  1. Increasing the quality of work and services

By having to work on a tight schedule with fixed deadlines can seriously impede the quality of your work. Surely each of us has probably been in a situation where a deadline is approaching, while you know you could have produced much better work if you had a little more time at your disposal.

Suppose you make a presentation to someone on behalf of your business about an important business proposal, but in the presentation you leave out a few crucial points and questions due to stress and too little time at your disposal. It is in a situation such as this that your business can benefit from your time management skills. If you are planning and managing the time constraints wisely, you will be able to focus more on the more important tasks without experiencing stress. This in turn increases the quality of your outputs.

To achieve success your business requires you to be the best version of yourself – start by excelling in time management. Establish where you are losing time and make sure that you prioritise your tasks according to importance. This will help you make the most progress towards your ultimate goal, namely the expansion and growth of your business.

You will soon see the positive impact it has on your business, and you will start to feel that you have only now positioned yourself to succeed. The quality of your work will improve, your days will be less stressful and you will find that you can focus more effectively on new and greater opportunities.


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