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By Nico Strydom

Jealousy also occurs in the workplace and a jealous colleague can cause harm to your reputation and career.

Sometimes it can be very obvious that your colleague is jealous of you, or it can be less so, but there are signs which you can be on the lookout for. The specific colleague talks to others incessantly and suddenly falls silent when you approach, or talks about you behind your back. It could however be more serious, such as a colleague who spreads lies about you or sabotages you.

The most important way to handle a jealous colleague, is to make sure that you control your emotions at all times and to not get involved in drama in the workplace. Perhaps you feel it is necessary to take on or confront a specific colleague, but this could only worsen matters.

If you feel you should talk to the person, do so politely and tactfully. You can tell the person that you have noticed that he or she treats you differently and that you would like to know why. If something in your behaviour is the cause, you can acknowledge it and apologise.

It is important to evaluate your own behaviour and try to identify if you might have done something to exacerbate the jealous conduct. Try placing yourself in your colleague’s shoes to determine why he or she has a certain perception about you. It will help you to determine your personality in the workplace and to see what changes you can make.

Build relationships with your colleagues. Be professional, friendly and supportive. A jealous colleague might try to turn your other colleagues against you, so it is important to maintain good relationships in order to limit the effect it might have.

If the jealous colleague’s conduct however results in you not being able to do your work or he or she tries to compromise your reputation in the office, it could become necessary to keep record of things such as emails, notes or phone calls. Gather information about what exactly happened, when it happened, where it happened and other colleagues who could testify thereto. This could be necessary should the situation become unbearable and you need to inform your manager or department human resources about it.

What is most important is to only focus on your work and to execute it in such a way that your jealous colleague does not have a foot to stand on. Always remain friendly and professional in the workplace, even if there are colleagues who don’t do the same.



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