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By Essie Bester

Today’s business world is characterised by a fast pace and is competitive in nature. Businesses are highly interested in inventions that can differentiate them from other businesses, but for new inventions and/or ways of doing things, fostering creativity is essential.

As a manager you must grab the opportunity to take the lead and investigate ways in which you can make the workplace a hub for creativity.

Three important benefits of a creative workplace are:

  • Better collaboration and team spirit

Creativity inspires employees to work closely together. When an employee come up with new ideas, it is only natural that he or she would like to get feedback from other colleagues. In this way collaboration is promoted.

The likelihood of interactions among collaborators increases, even among those who do not work together regularly and when the comfort in which team members work together improves, it leads to better team spirit which is a positive for any business.

  • Improved ability to attract and retain employees

By developing an environment where creative thoughts are welcomed, your business could attract more talented professional persons and it enables the business to fill posts more effectively and efficiently. Current employees will also be satisfied with their work and commit to working for your business for a longer period.

  • Improved problem solving

The most important aspect of creativity is certainly how it influences the work. With the ability to think creatively and outside the box, it is more likely that employees will come up with unique and innovative solutions when they encounter obstacles. The willingness to solve problems will lead to new ways of performing tasks and managing the business more effectively.

The mechanics behind creativity in the workplace

Business leaders are constantly demanding more productivity. Creativity is a phenomenon that can increase productivity in many ways – provided the work environment is developed and nurtured in a way that allows both to coexist peacefully.

A create work environment is described as a place without borders where the methods and process of the previous year can be forgotten in the blink of an eye – a workplace that allows employees to ask questions in order to avoid unproductive methods. By focusing on the bigger picture, employees are investing emotionally in their work and they are less scared of failure.

Psychologists have found that fostering creativity in businesses, allows employees to look at the bigger problem and thus psychologically distance themselves from their problems. In turn, increasing distance between individuals and problems increases creativity and productivity which leads to more innovative solutions.

It is therefore no coincidence that some of the most successful and well-known companies are also among the most innovative. Among the companies that have committed themselves to a creative workplace and produced great results is Google, whose work environment includes a relaxed atmosphere and leaves plenty of room for collaboration, as well as a long list of benefits to keep employees inspired and motivated.

Airbnb, who are leaders in the shared economic revolution, has a focus that allows employees from different teams to learn from each other and easily switch between divisions and jobs. In this way Airbnb encourages employees to always look at new ideas.

Leaders hoping to inspire employee innovation should consider the following tips:

  • Encourage both individualism and teamwork

The strange thing about collaboration is that both individuality and selflessness are needed to continue with it. Managers should not only encourage better ties and collaboration between team members, but also see to it that employees retain their individuality.

  • Accept that there are different ways to look at a problem

A brainstorm can be delicate and complex, especially if a big team is working together to find a strong solution. In this environment it is easy to quickly shoot down an idea as unfit.

Do not allow growth to be hampered by negativity. Rather encourage positive feedback. In this way you will inspire your entire team to contribute better ideas.

  • Diversify your team

A quick and easy way to build a creative workplace, is to add a wide variety of perspectives, insight and learning styles together to accelerate problem solving. A diverse team tends to generate more innovative ideas thanks to the different ways in which each member approaches a problem.





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