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By Nico Strydom

Personal problems can have a big effect on employees’ performance at work and eventually on their careers.

Personal problems are part of our everyday lives, whether they be family problems, financial problems, life-changing circumstances or emotional challenges. We spend most of our time at work and that is why our personal problems can easily be carried over to the workplace.

It is not necessarily a crisis if your personal problems sometimes affect your work. Most companies have sympathy with employees’ circumstances and will probably try to support their employees in this regard.

It does, however, become a problem when your personal problems prevent you from doing your work properly or overshadows your performance in the workplace.

If a personal problem affects your ability to do your work, it is essential to come clean with your manager. This will ensure appreciation of your situation and also that you get the necessary support.

However, it is also important not to share all details about your personal life with everybody at work. If you share too many of your problems with people at work, it could cause people to doubt your abilities and form certain perceptions about you. If it emerges that you always have some personal problem or other, it could lead to friction and frustration in the workplace.

Personal problems will often also affect your emotions, which could cause you to break into tears at work regularly or become worked up very fast and shout at your colleagues. It is, however, necessary to act professionally at work at all times. Emotional outbursts could result in your being treated differently and shut out in the workplace. In serious cases it could also lead to a disciplinary hearing and you losing your job.

One way of keeping your personal problems out of the workplace, is by setting up boundaries to, for instance, not accept personal calls during office hours or be busy with personal issues all the time. You must clear your head by challenging yourself to concentrate on work alone when you are at work. When you are hard at work there will be less time to mope over your personal problems. Make sure that you have enough support in the workplace to handle your personal problems.



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